Yallari Project


The Yallari Project is 25km southeast of Coolgardie and 10km west of Mt Marion in Western Australia. The project areas cover portions of the greenstone sequence that hosts the Mt Marion and Londonderry pegmatite fields. Numerous pegmatites have been mapped by nickel and base metal explorers however there are no records on the rare element content of the pegmatites. These pegmatites based on their mineralogy are probably derived from a peraluminous and possible ‘fertile’ granite.

Sampling is required to define the pegmatite type(s) and their potential for mineralisation. Based on the known pegmatite mineralogy, the most prospective area for lithium enriched pegmatites will be further from the source granite. Three recent samples of pegmatite scree from near access tracks returned an anomalous lithium result.

Yallari Project Location and Geology